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Deciding where to go for family dinner night is a breeze! Bring the crew to Dean-O's Pizza or swing through our to-go counter for a delicious and nutritious meal in the comfort of your home. From pasta salads, to our innovative Specialty Pizzas, to satisfying spaghetti and meatballs – we have what you crave!
Go to the Specialty Pizza page now to learn more about our incredible creations.

Family is what we're all about! Since 1971, we've been a family owned and operated restaurant in the Acadiana area serving the highest quality pizza on our signature crispy cracker-like crust!

Make Dean-O's Pizza a part of your family traditions!

Swing by our award-winning restaurant in Lafayette, LA today to enjoy a truly flavorful meal.


In 1971, Dean-O's Pizza began as a small family owned and operated pizza restaurant. As we've grown over the years, we've maintained the high standards that give our Italian food its fresh, delicious flavor. We still incorporate:
Specialty seasonings. We season our made-from-scratch sauces with Proprietor's Reserve, our own blend of spices patented 35+ years ago.
Fresh ingredients. We use only the freshest produce and top-quality meats, seafood and cheeses-which we grate and blend ourselves.
Old World traditions. To give our crust that perfect crispiness, we still use brick ovens.
As Dean-O's Pizza heads into its fourth decade, our owner takes pride in sharing the responsibilities with his son, Tim, his daughter-in-law, Karen, and his grandson, Greg. They share our commitment to the Dean-O's Pizza tradition of serving Italian food with a Cajun flair in a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

After all, that's what Dean-O's Pizza is all about.
-Dean Metcalf